Triratna Earth Sangha - The Economic Web (In-person)

Saturday 25th Jun 2022 - 10.00am to 1.00pm

A day of practice organised by the Triratna Earth Sangha on the last Saturday of every month.

Touching The Earth: Buddhism and the Economic Web

This morning Jenni Ramos, who works for a global non-profit organisation supporting lawyers to combat the climate crisis through their daily work, will be looking at how we can apply Buddhist teachings in our working lives with respect to the climate emergency.

She will be encouraging us to consider our interconnectedness, not just with the environment, but also with the human systems we are part of. She argues that corporate activity is one of the things that most needs to change, and as part of this web of daily transactions we can influence this change.

As Joanna Macy said “Right livelihood is far more complex now than it was in the time of the Buddha, because we find ourselves in economic and ecological relationships that are simply unsustainable in the long term. To the degree that we participate in these relationships, we inevitably cause harm in some way through our work.” Jenni will be helping us to explore this vital part of our lives.

This is a series of events organised on the last Saturday of the month by the Triratna Earth Sangha, an initiative by Order Members, Mitras, and friends whose practice centres on ameliorating the harm caused by the climate and ecological crises.

The aim is to provide a safe and supportive context for exploring these issues from a Buddhist perspective. These public meetings aim to be informative, empowering, and inspiring - both a call to action and a chance to replenish our connection with ourselves, the Sangha, and our deepest values.

Touching The Earth: Buddhism and the Economic Web

The mornings involve meditation, a talk, a Q&A, group discussions and a chance to report-in on actions around climate and ecological harm.

In the afternoon, the Big Sit will again take place at the junction of Burleigh and Fitzroy Streets from 2-3pm.

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Cambridge Buddhist Centre
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