Dreams of Clarity Workshop

Sunday 23rd Apr 2023 - 10.00am to 4.30pm

Dreams of Clarity Workshop with Arthabandhu

In this dream workshop, we shall explore ways to become more conscious dreamers and bring deepening awareness and the capacity to creatively respond within the dream state.

In order to experience our dreams in this way it is necessary first to become more receptive to dream experience, initially developing the ability to recollect dreams clearly and then deepen this so that we are deeply sensitive to them and then we will be able to bring qualities such as loving-kindness, curiosity and mindfulness into them.

With these qualities, our dreams become, clear, bright and a source of wisdom, inspiration and energy for our practice of the Dharma.

During the workshop we shall explore

- How to reconnect with and rekindle your dreams
- Karma and Dreams
- Dreams and as a context for exploring the nature of Consciousness
- A practical method to review your dreams and cultivate creative dreaming
- How to approach nightmares and unpleasant dreams
- How to find pleasure, inspiration and energy in our dreams

The day will explore themes not previously covered in my workshops. It will be accessible whether or not you have attended a previous workshop.

Please bring vegetarian food for a shared lunch on the day

About Arthabandhu

Arthabandhu is an ordained Buddhist and has long had a special interest in dreams and has explored them in relation to Buddhist practice ever since hearing his Buddhist teacher say: “If you want to really know yourself, pay attention to your dreams.”

He has explored Lucid Dreaming and Buddhist Dream Yoga, as well as studying other approaches to dreams including their application in Gestalt Psychotherapy. As part of his dream practice, he has kept detailed dream diaries for the past 20 years, these have included many illustrations, which he has now made into a zine using these images and extracts from his diaries.

Please be aware that none of the classes/events run by the Cambridge Buddhist Centre is aimed at under 18-year-olds. All under 18-year-olds must be accompanied by their parent or another responsible adult over the age of 18 (with their parent's permission). Please contact us in advance of attending at info@cambridgebuddhistcentre.com so we can assess how suitable the event is for the young person.

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