Dharma Day: Art and Beauty on the Path

Sunday 21st Jul 2024 - 10.00am to 4.30pm

Dharma Day - Art and Beauty on the Path

The theme for this year's Dharma Day is 'Art and Beauty on the Path'. We'll explore how the arts can enrich Dharma practice and how the Dharma can inform our engagement with the arts.

The day will include meditation, short talks exploring this theme, a conversation cafe, creative activities such as, a mantra workshop, mandala workshop, shrine-making, poetry and storytelling, and a chillout room with a Dhammapada recording. The day will end with a puja to Ratnasambhava.

All Day: The Upper Shrine Room will be a quiet space where you can experience the Dharma through music. We will play the full recording of the Dhammapada, as performed at the Triratna Order Convention in August 2022 by Manidhara (composition, voice) Dhivan (reciter) and Ratnadhya (piano).


10am - 11am Welcome + Meditation
11am - 11:20am Tea Break (11am - Families Activities start)
11:20am - 1pm Introduction, Talks & Families Puja
1pm - 2pm Lunch
2pm - 3pm Creative Activities
3pm - 3:30pm Tea Break
3:30pm - 4:30pm Puja to Ratnasambhava

Please Note: 
Please bring vegetarian or vegan lunch to share.
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Cambridge Buddhist Centre
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Not necessary