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Life With Full Attention

Date:Thursday 14th September 2017 to Thursday 2nd November 2017
Time:7.15pm - 9.45pm
Cost:£110.00 / £70.00 Conc.
Led by:Samudraghosa and Maitridaka
Description:Life With Full Attention is a practical course in mindfulness, helping us learn how to find more enjoyment, vibrancy and depth in the midst of life - even a busy modern life.
No previous experience of mindfulness or meditation is needed - so this is a great first course to do. Because the course builds really strong foundations in mindfulness, and extends them out into daily life, people who have already done Meditation or MBSR courses also get great benefit from it.

The programme is based around Maitreyabandhu's popular book 'Life With Full Attention'. We start with simple supportive conditions (don't forget your keys!), then each week introduce another aspect such as awareness of the body, feelings, thoughts, beauty, other people and ultimately the nature of life itself.

The course is very practical - the emphasis is on things you can do that really make a difference. Each week you'll get new things to try - ways to apply mindfulness to your everyday life. Finding more enjoyment in your daily commute, turning washing up into a "mindful moment", handling difficult conversations without getting heated...

The course is cumulative and will help you establish supportive patterns to bring the benefits of mindfulness to bear on the whole range of your life, from the drudge of inbox management through leisure time, other people all the way upto deepening our insights. Mindfulness raises the pitch of our lives bringing more vibrancy, enjoyment and depth.

You can hear Maitreyabandhu talk on this topic HERE

Price includes a copy of the book: Life with full attention.
Notes:Charge includes a copy of the book.
Booking Procedure:Advance payment required
Web Bookings:8 web-bookable places available.
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Event Type:Meditation Event
Event Level:
Suitable For: Newcomers & people who've learnt to meditate
Held at:CBC


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